Burlesque dancer Diamondback Annie at Lucha VaVoom by Bruno O'Hara

Rock & roll showgirl Diamondback Annie blasts confetti from cannons built onto the back of an electric guitar at Lucha VaVoom. Photo by Bruno O'Hara. 

Diamondback Annie - Baker Street burlesque show by Don Spiro

Burlesque dancer Diamond Back Annie performs her voyeuristic silhouette striptease to Gerry Rafferty's "Baker Street" at Lucha VaVoom. Photo by Don Spiro.

Diamondback Annie - Skywalker OG at Star Girls Burlesque by Tim Hunter
Diamondback Annie - Altarboy at Metalesque Fest, Star Theater, Portland OR - photo by Erica Vincent
Diamondback Annie's rock & roll burlesque dance to AC/DC by Benjamin Zurbriggen

Diamondback Annie - a Los Angeles dancer known for her arena rock style shows - performs to AC/DC's "Highway to Hell" at Dampfzentrale Arts Center in Bern, Switzerland. Photo by Benjamin Zurbriggen.

Diamondback Annie by Psyko Boys

photo by Fernando Guerrero
makeup by James Bryan
(c) Psyko Boys 2018