Diamondback Annie tribute to WWE legend Macho Man Randy Savage

photo by Ernie Manrique from Hollywood Jane Revue wrestling themed show Faces in Heels

70s Elvis tribute by burlesque artist Diamondback Annie

photo by Benjamin Zurbriggen

Diamondback Annie - Skywalker OG at Star Girls Burlesque by Tim Hunter

Land Speeder inspired electric violin with built in sparklers by Carlos Flores / AV design by Joel Huxtable

Evil Dead horror burlesque

photo of Diamondback Annie at the Metalesque Burlesque Festival in Portland, Oregon by Kenneth Watson / Deadite zombie head by Sean Forrester / chainsaw hand prop by Carlos Flores

Diamondback Annie - Altarboy at Metalesque Fest, Star Theater, Portland OR - photo by Erica Vincent
Diamondback Annie Star Wars tribute with Land Speeder violin

photo by Doug Stidham for Star Girls Burlesque / AV design by Joel Huxtable / Land Speeder violin by Carlos Flores

Diamondback Annie - Black Diamond KISS burlesque tribute

still from a video shot at Metalesque Metal Burlesque Fest 2018 by Kenneth Watson / Watson Cinematics

Diamondback Annie by Psyko Boys

photo by Fernando Guerrero
makeup by James Bryan
(c) Psyko Boys 2018