Photos by Stephen LaMarche; Gil Riego, Jr.; Kevin D. Campbell; and Jessica Moncrief. Cover image on menu page by Jessica Moncrief. 

An homage to Ash Williams - the central character of the hilarious yet horrific Evil Dead film franchise - that takes grotesque advantage of Annie's double-jointed fingers. Performed to "Symphony of Destruction" by Megadeth. 

In a sequence inspired by Evil Dead 2, Diamondback's hand becomes possessed with dark forces after being bitten by the zombie head of a dead girlfriend. The evil hand ties her up, and starts undressing her. Annie gains control of the hand; amputates it; replaces it with a prosthetic arm made from a chainsaw; then uses the chainsaw to cut the girlfriend's severed head in half. The head explodes, showering the audience with "rotting brains" and "blood clots" (crafted from easy-sweep rubber and textile bits, which will not stain or create a slippery surface.) 

Unlike horror films, where gory action can be shown close up or is generated by gear hidden out of frame, the FX techniques developed for this act can be achieved live; read well even from the back of a big room; and require no elaborate cleanup. 

Shot by Kevin D. Campbell (Youtube: @kdc&cc) at Monday Night Tease: 3rd Tease At Three's