An altarboy has a religious experience with rock & roll at midnight mass in this act that kicks off with an incense-swinging processional up the theater aisle. Performed in pre-Vatican II altarboy vestments from the Basilica of Sainte Anne-de-Beaupre in Quebec, which has drawn millions of pilgrims seeking the miraculous cures the cathedral is famous for.  

This act has options like congregational candles for the audience (where fire code permits) and a “resurrection” ending with an ascension into the rafters for spaces that can provide crew support and attachment points for aerial rigging. 

MUSIC: "Kyrie Eleison" (Gregorian chant) + AC/DC - "Highway to Hell" + KISS - "God Gave Rock & Roll to You." 


Diamondback Annie - Altarboy act with aerial "resurrection" finale at Honey Touche's Vixens of Vinyl rock & roll burlesque show at the Oriental Theater, Denver. Aerial by Scott Rockbear.

photo credits in order: Dusti Cunningham; Marie Astrid Gonzalez; Benjamin Zurbriggen; Theron; Benjamin Zurbriggen; Theron; Theron; Benjamin Zurbriggen; Marie Astrid Gonzalez; La Photographie Nashville; Dan Hendricks. 

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