Diamondback presents all the delicious scents of a 1950s soda fountain in an interactive scratch-n-sniff act inspired by the Odorama process pioneered by John Waters in the film Polyester. Audience members follow along with Annie's act on a numbered card imbued with different scents, as her soda jerk character pulls a banana from a surprising place and makes a sundae. For special events, this act can be integrated into providing refreshments for the crowd, as Annie can serve real ice cream to the audience from an existing bar, or the client can rent an ice cream cart from a party supplier. The performance can then be staged either on the serving cart itself, or at the serving station.

Watch a video of this act, shot by Kevin Campbell:

MUSIC: Van Halen - "Ice Cream Man"

photo credits in order: Lina Lecaro for LA Weekly; JerBer Jones; Don Walker; Diamondback Annie.

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